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23 3346d 02h ixe013 /trunk/ Builds with Visual Studio 2010  
22 4102d 04h ixe013 /branches/wtl-thread/ Synchronized with the trunk to get VS2008 project  
21 4102d 04h ixe013 /trunk/ Merge VS2008 branche back to the trunk. Also adds an option in the config file to hide the tray icon on startup  
20 4103d 03h ixe013 /branches/vs2008/ Messed up the Solution file  
19 4105d 05h ixe013 /branches/vs2008/Canif/ Forgot a file...  
18 4105d 05h ixe013 /branches/wtl-thread/ Implement threads manager as a test for publishing to the WTL list  
17 4113d 12h ixe013 /branches/vs2008/Canif/ Added a trayicon setting in config file, moved to VS2008  
16 4167d 04h ixe013 /branches/vs2008/ Convert the project to Visual Studio 2008  
15 4329d 05h ixe013 /trunk/ This version will have to wait. Compiles and work  
14 4494d 13h ixe013 /branches/unicode/ Switching to UNICODE, to ease the transition to GDI+  
13 4551d 04h ixe013 /branches/dynamicfader/Canif/ Removed the old TGA and initialized GDIPlus. Ready to code !  
12 4551d 05h ixe013 /branches/dynamicfader/ Switching to GDI+ to draw the fader with variable text  
11 4559d 12h ixe013 /trunk/ Tray icon off by default now (with place holder in configuration file  
10 4559d 12h ixe013 /trunk/Canif/ Fader window is now centered on the primary monitor  
9 4565d 04h ixe013 /trunk/Canif/ Merged and adapted to build with Visual C++ Express 2005, WTL 8.0  
8 4678d 13h ixe013 /branches/hotkeys/trunk/Canif/ Smoother fading with higher (and define configurable) alpha sampling  
7 4689d 13h ixe013 /branches/hotkeys/trunk/Canif/ Fader window new time bound, not CPU bound anymore  
6 4690d 13h ixe013 /branches/hotkeys/trunk/Canif/ More manual merge of hotkey branch, from Google  
5 4690d 14h ixe013 /branches/hotkeys/trunk/Canif/ Manual merge of hotkey branch, from Google  
4 4690d 15h ixe013 /branches/hotkeys/trunk/ From DLL to EXE using hotkeys, with some cleaning and UI sugar  

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