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91 4135d 17h ixe013 /trunk/ Release version 1.4  
71 4169d 06h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Made myself a nice regression test harness  
68 4170d 06h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Added sensible and hopefully usefull trace statements  
65 4173d 08h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Interim version without the same user test  
60 4177d 06h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Trace builds, but I am not sure where I want to go with it...  
59 4177d 06h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Moving, does not compile !!!  
58 4177d 07h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Basic tests works with excluded group.