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180 3543d 22h ixe013 /trunk/ Fixes an empty dialog and TaskManager not launching when Aucun was chained to another Gina  
171 3710d 04h ixe013 /trunk/ Released 1.4.5  
156 3767d 05h ixe013 /trunk/ Merged original gina registry lookup (from 64bit branch)  
100 4133d 05h ixe013 /trunk/ Wrapped text licence  
91 4138d 14h ixe013 /trunk/ Release version 1.4  
40 4376d 13h ixe013 /trunk/ Release 1.2  
23 4397d 15h ixe013 /trunk/ Merged the GUI branch  
9 4464d 18h ixe013 /trunk/ Removed a leftover test of _LOGOFF action that didn't work  
8 4465d 16h ixe013 /trunk/ Removed useless test fonction that broke the debug build  
2 4467d 14h ixe013 /trunk/ Proof of concept code that compiles and work