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220 3278d 01h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Now passes all tests (64bits)  
219 3279d 23h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Changed the default behavior of logging. Only level needs to be set. Ouput is always OutputDebugString, no need to specify it. +I was bitten by a registry virtualisation issue, should be back on track now.  
218 3284d 22h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Found a Heap corruption bug while fixing the test script.  
102 4275d 12h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Support a self serve shell  
91 4303d 09h ixe013 /trunk/ Release version 1.4  
76 4330d 23h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Now registered as a logon process, shows up in the event log!  
75 4331d 01h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Passes tests in stand alone mode  
74 4334d 07h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Cleaned up the test case batch file.:  
73 4334d 22h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Reordered test with a constant Hamming distance of 1  
72 4336d 00h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Fixing the tests..., still RC1  
71 4336d 22h ixe013 /branches/force-logoff-bug/ Made myself a nice regression test harness