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224 3023d 08h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Unknown state. Might not even compile  
216 3272d 06h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Huge pile of retrofit that build and crash. Do not use  
188 3675d 08h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Now debugging with VMWare  
134 3997d 09h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Cleaner detection of selfserve logon  
122 4048d 07h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Pretty decent version, not many todo in the GINA. Time to work on the shell! (soon)  
116 4083d 06h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Nice visual for loggedout dialog, I'm keeping it !  
113 4088d 06h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Many components in place, usable enought to show the work that has to be done. I'm wondering what to do with the SAS on the self service desktop, and how I'm going to port this to Vista...  
109 4091d 07h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Updated POC code with alternate shell (hardcoded notepad.exe)  
108 4094d 06h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Proof of concept code for a selfservice account