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191 3701d 02h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Forgot X64 builds with WTL too !  
190 3701d 11h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Builds with external definition to WTL  
164 3891d 22h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Encrypted password, not shared yet  
162 3915d 23h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Builds  
161 3917d 00h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/GINA/ Breaks the build  
147 3967d 03h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Backup - does not build  
138 3987d 01h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Ready to test random selfserve password (not encrypted yet)  
137 4002d 01h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Usable version, some minor todo left.  
135 4027d 02h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/GINA/ First files for saving the last user name  
134 4027d 02h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Cleaner detection of selfserve logon  
129 4035d 00h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Traps CTRL-ALT-DEL SAS sequence in selfserve mode. Many todo added... *sigh*  
127 4043d 02h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/GINA/  
121 4102d 17h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Moved the source files for the gina and the test program to their own directory. Can't wait to merge this one back!  
120 4112d 00h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Moved the Gina and test harness to their own directory  
114 4114d 01h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Quite a bit of code, mostly wasting time doing position arithmetic  
112 4120d 23h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Major refactoring. Builds, but was not tested  
108 4124d 00h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Proof of concept code for a selfservice account  
107 4128d 01h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Half-way build to support new debuggin strategy  
102 4275d 13h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Support a self serve shell  
91 4303d 10h ixe013 /trunk/ Release version 1.4  

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