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39 4652d 10h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Clean and working version. RC for the trunk!  
38 4653d 03h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Removed debug code, this revision is OutputDebugString free!  
37 4653d 03h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Changed priority of unlock group over force logoff  
36 4653d 10h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Hooked the logged on SAS dialog to display a warning. Cleaner code. Answer YES to unlock notice doesn't work  
35 4653d 16h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Works well ! Same message as original Gina, i18n (taken from the original GINA resources). Needs cleaning.  
34 4661d 17h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Unlocking, force logoff and blacklisting works. Needs cleaning and warning message  
33 4662d 02h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Cleaning up access checks, looking good !  
32 4662d 13h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Blacklisting works, but there are still issues with the force unlock group  
31 4663d 01h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Many fix related to duplicating the process token for access checking  
30 4663d 08h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Better enum, lots of debug and extra junk in this version...  
29 4666d 03h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Builds, but was not tested  
28 4666d 10h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ DOES NOT BUILD!!! DO NOT USE  
27 4666d 17h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Supports unlocking and force logoff  
26 4668d 15h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Intermediate version that does a force logoff  
25 4670d 09h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/ Starting code to enable banned group support  
24 4670d 12h ixe013 /branches/blacklist/  
23 4670d 13h ixe013 /trunk/ Merged the GUI branch  
9 4737d 16h ixe013 /trunk/ Removed a leftover test of _LOGOFF action that didn't work  
8 4738d 14h ixe013 /trunk/ Removed useless test fonction that broke the debug build  
2 4740d 12h ixe013 /trunk/ Proof of concept code that compiles and work  

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