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189 3707d 20h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Added external reference to WTL  
188 3710d 20h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Now debugging with VMWare  
187 3712d 04h ixe013 /releases/ Version 1.4.6 released  
186 3712d 04h ixe013 /releases/ Fixing....  
185 3712d 05h ixe013 /releases/ Version 1.4.6 released  
184 3712d 06h ixe013 /releases/ Version 1.4.6a released  
183 3714d 12h ixe013 /tags/1.4.6/trunk/ Version 1.4.6  
182 3714d 12h ixe013 /tags/1.4.6/ Version 1.4.6  
181 3714d 12h ixe013 /releases/ Version 1.4.6 released  
180 3714d 12h ixe013 /trunk/ Fixes an empty dialog and TaskManager not launching when Aucun was chained to another Gina  
179 3717d 18h ixe013 /releases/ Obsoleted version 1.4.5  
178 3717d 18h ixe013 /branches/64bits/ Fixed 2 bugs in chainged Gina : message would come up blank under certain circumstances, and task manager would not run if aucun was chained to a Gina that exported but did not support WlxStartApplication  
177 3804d 20h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Moving stuff around, got to check in  
176 3846d 18h ixe013 /branches/selfserve/ Fixed screen saver timeout bug. Had to leave, does not build  
175 3865d 17h ixe013 /branches/64bits/ Removed the free library in WlxShutdown  
174 3879d 19h ixe013 /releases/ Checked in a version that was empty  
173 3880d 04h ixe013 /trunk/ Merged build script bug  
172 3880d 05h ixe013 /branches/64bits/ Zip files would be empty if default build was set to debug  
171 3880d 18h ixe013 /trunk/ Released 1.4.5  
170 3880d 18h ixe013 /tags/1.4.5/ Version 1.4.5  

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